Amazon Publication Listing without UPC or ISBN

Amazon Publication Listing without UPC or ISBN
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I have been publishing zines since 1987, managing a bookshop since 2003 and dedicated to the zine & small press scene for ages. Recently I am listing my own publications and other zines on  and invite you to let me list your self published work also.

I have the pro account & experience and can have your publication listed for sale on within 24 hours.

Check out Amazon's selling policies if your publication has questionable content.

Amazon requires for most publications to have a UPC code or ISBN number, but don't worry, I have a special exemption so if your publication lacks this I can still list you.

1.  This servce is $5 to list your publication on Amazon.

2. Mail your one copy of your publication to: Stevyn IronFeather, POB 1905, Boulder, Colorado, 80306, USA.

3.  I will email you back with confirmation and the link on Amazon showing your publication for sale.  You can then add your stock for sale on the listing.